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Thorson Law Group is a long-standing law firm with an unblemished reputation and records of successful cases that have made a significant contribution to the lives of many families. Founded in 1990, Thorson Law Group is located in La Mesa and San Diego, California, and has been an important part of the community since its founding. We believe that people who have suffered brain injuries and loved ones caring for those who have suffered brain injuries should feel protected and cared for. We believe that they deserve justice, and we will fight to accomplish just that.

The Thorson Law Group is led by Cassandra Thorson, a capable, committed, honest, and professional woman who is always at the service of her clients. Together with an incredible team of the best specialists and most compassionate human beings in the community, Attorney Cassandra Thorson and her team of supportive and empathic experts have the character necessary to handle complex cases and achieve the best possible results in each of them.

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At the Thorson Law Group, we bet on excellence. Our firm has gained confidence and credibility through our experience, results, and the memberships we keep.

What makes us unique


Our attention is focused on knowing the details of the case and giving it our one-hundred percent, which allows us to go through the process with absolute confidence. As a result, we will achieve proper compensation and justice.


Our clients are important to us. Our clients deserve our undivided attention through excellent service, support, and open lines of communication.


Thorson Law Group is connected to the key resources our clients and their loved ones need to get the help they deserve. From specialists to state-of-the-art scans and diagnostics, let us help pinpoint the cause of your injury and develop the right course of treatment, all while we handle your case.


Throughout our history, Thorson Law Group has focused the entirety of our efforts on Traumatic Brain Injury law. We continue to grow, develop, and gain the knowledge necessary to continue achieving the best results for our clients.


Complex and strenuous, we never shy away from the process that has been proven to get positive results. We prepare each case diligently because we know that the stakes are high for our clients. From start to trial, we are not afraid to fight for you.


We pride ourselves in results achieved through tireless work, uncompromising values, superior service, empathetic communication, and years of knowledge and experience in helping those suffering from a traumatic brain injury.


We contribute to improving the lives of people with brain injuries, our clients confirm it

When Disneyland failed to take responsibility, Cassandra Thorson took them on and got the case resolved. She is a real tiger!
Tatjana Goodall
Cassandra Thorson got me a very good settlement against the hospital and doctors who were lying and covering up after they caused my brain and spine injury. Cassandra came to see me often, and I knew she really cared.
Iris Robinson
When the Defendants caused brain injury to my baby and tried to cover it up, Cassandra Thorson helped expose the fraud and got us the best justice possible.
Teresa Bailey
After I was attacked, my whole life fell apart. Cassandra Thorson helped me get treatment for my brain injury and for the rest of my life. I love her.
Kevin Hoopfer
When the Defendant’s claimed my daughter’s developmental problems weren’t their fault, Cassandra Thorson showed that the Defendants caused brain injury at birth. Cassandra Thorson proved the truth.
Anonymous Registered Nurse
We were defrauded by a contractor. The Defendants were the biggest scoundrels we ever met. Cassandra Thorson unveiled their fraud in the courtroom. We felt vindicated.
Catherine Race

At Thorson Law Group, we are driven to achieve success for our clients. Our goal is to successfully allow our clients and their loved ones to improve their health and lives. We are with you!

Our Results

We treat our clients as more than statistics. Our results create real impact and change in the lives of those we serve. The Thorson Law group is a winning firm with proven results.

Bailey v. Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, et. al.
Anoxic brain injury of baby at birth
Hoopfer v. Fry’s Electronics
Traumatic brain injury resulting from an assault by a security guard
Onyegbule v. Harrari, M.D.
Brain injury to newborn baby during delivery
Killian v Toyota Motor Corporation
Traumatic Brain injury due to airbag failure
Multi-Million Dollar Confidential Settlement
Robinson v. Hertzka, M.D. and Sharp Mary Birch Hospital
Anoxic brain injury and injury to spinal cord due to anesthesia malpractice
Goodall v. The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Traumatic brain injury caused when a large bolt flew loose from a high-speed roller coaster
Lily Sigismondo, Gal Kristin Cooper v. Defendants, et. al.
Defendants disregarded warnings about their untrainable 100lb German Shepherd from a rescue facility, which led to the dog biting a 14-year-old girl. Defendant then fled, leaving the injured girl bleeding on the sidewalk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?
A traumatic brain injury refers to damage to the brain caused by a head injury due to an accident.
How do you treat a Traumatic Brain Injury?
Treatment for a traumatic brain injury varies depending on the severity of the injury. Some common treatment options include; rest, surgery, medication, and continuing psychological help.
How does a Traumatic Brain Injury occur?
A traumatic brain injury can occur due to different unfortunate events where the head is injured. Other causes of brain injury can be birth defects, medical negligence, drowning injuries, product defects and more
How do I know if I have a Case?
If the negligence of others has resulted in a traumatic brain injury, you or your family can take legal action to achieve justice and benefits. Contact us today!
How are Traumatic Brain Injuries diagnosed?
Traumatic brain injuries can be diagnosed through methods such as examining visible signs of injury, psychological evaluations, brain scans, and more.
How can the Thorson Law Group help me?
The mission of Thorson Law Group is to precisely guide, accompany, support, and protect your rights in your case of brain injury. We have proven case results, and we will fight for your case too!

The Traumatic Brain Injury Legal Experts

People who have suffered brain injuries experience transformational changes in their lives. Some brain injuries can considerably affect their motor functions, limit their basic mobility, affect vision and even alter personality. The Thorson Law Group is here to help you. 

We help our clients identify brain injuries, their complexity and connect them to the best specialists in neurology. The specialists in our network support our clients through state-of-the-art testing such as advanced imaging techniques like 3T MRI’s and DTI’s, with neurobiologists and neuropsychologists to interpret results. Thus, helping our attorneys, clients, loved ones, and experts identify the injury, the source of the injury, and the best possible treatment.

Building Success Stories

Our attorneys are experienced litigators with deep knowledge of traumatic brain injuries, their cause, and the legal and personal needs of those we represent. We fight for the best possible financial compensation for our clients, including but not limited to seeking compensation for ongoing evaluations, pain management, and caretakers and alleviating the stress on the loved ones caring for you.

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