A gap in the treatment of brain injuries


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Many victims of accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries require various medical procedures in order to recover. Unfortunately, a large part of US citizens do not have the financial means to pay for everything necessary.

Those who have coverage by Medicare, Medicaid, and many other companies can cover the costs of brain surgery and intensive care necessary to save the patient’s life. Unfortunately, insurers make drastic changes in dealing with rehabilitation programs (much needed for recovery) that teach patients different ways to relearn skills that are affected after a traumatic brain injury.

This problem means that many people who have suffered brain damage due to an accident must face one of these scenarios:

#1 The patient is discharged and returns home without being able to access recovery services in the first few months. The first few months are a critical time when the brain is much more receptive to therapy and recovery, according to the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Patients who do not receive recommended treatment are at risk of being unable to regain full use of their limbs, language, emotional stability, or cognitive clarity. In terms of figures, at least 2/3 of discharged patients do not receive immediate care.

#2 The patient tries, by all means, to receive the necessary therapy to maximize their quality of life and recover the abilities that are affected by the brain injury. Unfortunately, many families end up in debt due to the high costs of specialized centers. Recovery programs tend to cost between $600 and $8,000 per day.

One of the ways to avoid this situation is to read the fine print and understand the limitations of your coverage plan, making sure that cognitive therapy and brain injury therapy services are included when taking it. Some companies label the treatments as “experimental.” Another solution, if you have found that the coverage is not applicable after an accident has already happened, is to try to recover the financial losses by suing the parties responsible for the accident.

You deserve a full recovery and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. If you need the help of an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney, we can help.