Acquired Brain Injuries

Acquired brain injuries (ABI) or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) represent one of the leading causes of death and disability in adults. ABI’s are an acquired condition occurring due to a sudden, physical jolt that causes damage to the brain. Depending on how the incident occurred, injuries can be mild to severe, affecting one or more areas of the brain. ABI’s are devastating to those that suffer from its effects, which is why you need Thorson Law Group at your side to fiercely fight for your rights when you are injured and are suffering from a serious brain injury.

Learn more about Acquired Brain Injuries from the CDC

Types of Acquired Brain Injuries

A closed brain injury can occur when there is rapid movement of the brain inside the skull, which may result in bruising and tearing of the blood vessels and tissues. Closed brain injuries are internal injuries and do not involve the outside penetration of the skull. Car accidents, falls, and other incidents that involve excessive or violent shaking can cause a closed brain injury.

Penetrating or Open
A penetrative brain injury, or an open brain injury, is the result of the skull breaking.

Diffuse Axonal (DAI)
DAI injuries involve tearing the nerve fibers caused by the brain moving and turning inside the skull. DAI can cause injuries to multiple brain areas and lead to the victim going into a coma.

Primary brain injuries are injuries that, once sustained, are non-progressive.

Secondary brain injuries, unlike primary brain injuries, continue to progress after they are sustained. The progression of the injuries can contribute to further brain damage if left untreated.

Causes and Consequences of Acquired Brain Injury

Symptoms of an acquired brain injury vary depending on the severity of the injury. That is why you need the attorneys at Thorson Law Group to help you find the best medical professionals to diagnose and treat your condition.

Symptoms of an acquired brain injury include:

  • Cognitive Defects
  • Motor Sensory Complications
  • Loss of Perceptual and Senses
  • Communication and Speaking Problems
  • Loss of Function
  • Social and Psychiatric Changes
  • Traumatic Epilepsy
  • Death

Acquired Brain Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs

The majority of those who are suffering from Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) requires medical treatment. Treatment and rehabilitation for ABI’s have two goals for helping patients: maximizing cognitive function and improving quality of life. The treatment and rehabilitation programs that are effective depend on each patient’s condition and injury, which is why the attorneys at Thorson Law Group have built a dedicated network of medical professionals that can help victims of ABI’s.


Treatment for acquired brain injuries may include the following:

  • Physical care – includes medication and nutritional care
  • Pain management – Medications and other treatments for pain
  • Psychological care – including the administration of tests to identify behavioral and/or emotional problems as well as necessary counseling
  • Self-care skills – such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and more
  • Communication skills – speech therapy and alternative modes of communication
  • Mobility skills – may include the use of wheelchairs or walking devices
  • Socialization skills – focusing on interactions with family, friends, and the community
  • Cognitive skills – enhancing memory, problem-solving, concentration, and other cognitive functions
  • Vocational skills – work-related training
  • Family support – includes patient/family education and training on the numerous issues relevant to living with an acquired brain injury