Bailey v. Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, et. al.
Anoxic brain injury of baby at birth
Hoopfer v. Fry’s Electronics
Traumatic brain injury resulting from an assault by a security guard
Onyegbule v. Harrari, M.D.
Brain injury to newborn baby during delivery
Killian v Toyota Motor Corporation
Traumatic Brain injury due to airbag failure
Multi-Million Dollar Confidential Settlement
Robinson v. Hertzka, M.D. and Sharp Mary Birch Hospital
Anoxic brain injury and injury to spinal cord due to anesthesia malpractice
Goodall v. The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Traumatic brain injury caused when a large bolt flew loose from a high-speed roller coaster
Lily Sigismondo, Gal Kristin Cooper v. Dan Hedstrom And Susan Hedstrom, et. al. Defendants disregarded warnings about their untrainable 100lb German Shepherd from a rescue facility, which led to the dog biting a 14-year-old girl. Susan Hedstrom then fled, leaving the injured girl bleeding on the sidewalk.


When Disneyland failed to take responsibility, Cassandra Thorson took them on and got the case resolved. She is a real tiger!
Tatjana Goodall
Cassandra Thorson got me a very good settlement against the hospital and doctors who were lying and covering up after they caused my brain and spine injury. Cassandra came to see me often, and I knew she really cared.
Iris Robinson
When the Defendants caused brain injury to my baby and tried to cover it up, Cassandra Thorson helped expose the fraud and got us the best justice possible.
Teresa Bailey
After I was attacked, my whole life fell apart. Cassandra Thorson helped me get treatment for my brain injury and for the rest of my life. I love her.
Kevin Hoopfer
When the Defendant’s claimed my daughter’s developmental problems weren’t their fault, Cassandra Thorson showed that the Defendants caused brain injury at birth. Cassandra Thorson proved the truth.
Anonymous Registered Nurse
We were defrauded by a contractor. The Defendants were the biggest scoundrels we ever met. Cassandra Thorson unveiled their fraud in the courtroom. We felt vindicated.
Catherine Race

Case Studies

High 7-figure Settlement in Air Bag Failure Case